Reefer Trucks
Various commodities are of perishable nature and hence the transportation of these goods can be a risk. However with PVE Reefer containers, we make sure that all goods supplied reach their destination in perfect shape without any deterioration. We manufacture these carriers customized to the client’s logistic requirements.
Key Features:


Suitable as per requirement


2.5 Tons

4.5 to 5 Tons

10 to 14 Tons

15 to 22 Tons


Insulated body, manufactured with state of the art technology which ensure highest hygienic standards, 0% heat conductivity, light weight, fire-retardant & rust proof material


CFC Free, PU Injection

Cooling Unit

Vehicle main engine driven. Ensure NO-FROST instant cooling with lowest fuel consumption & maintenance cost. Including safety device, Japanese compressor and user friendly digital control panel


15 to -5 (Suitable for Fruits, Vegetable & Meat)

Road Safety

Fully compliant with road and safety standards

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