Side Wall Semi Trailers
Side wall trailers are the benchmark of bulk commodity transport industry. However these trailers need ultra care when being designed and manufactured. Although there are numerous manufacturers of Sidewall trailers, at PVE the design department ensures that the prospective load per meter is absolutely right and the risks of cracking is eliminated..
Key Features:


05 to 15 Tons

30 Tons

40 Tons

50 to 60 Tons


Full Trailer

Semi Trailer


6,200 mm

12,500 mm

12,500 mm

12,500 mm


2,500 mm

2,500 mm

2,500 mm

2,500 mm

Number of Axles

2 Axles

2 Axles

2-3 Axles

3-4 Axles


Multi-leaf Springs Suspension type suspension Semi elliptical leaf springs suitable for highways and cross country with torque rods.

Break System

Complete System with Reservoir tank, service line,  relay emergency valve, pressure control valve, parking control valve, air hoses, brake booster, etc.
Two independent airlines from reservoir tanks with an air release valve on each axle.


24 volts circuit, 7-pin electrical vessel, combination lamps at rear, number plate light, marker lamps, reverse horn


As per requirement

Road Safety

Fully compliant with road and safety standards

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