Aerial Working Platforms – PT270S
Equipped with the state of the art Electronic restrictor of the working radius with double-safety control system and Electro-hydraulic controls split on the turret and basket. The Outriggers repeated on both sides and the control device of the load is situated on the basket. There are blocking valves on all hydraulic and Interlocking safety device between outriggers and boom. There is a manual Pump for manoeuvrings in the case of emergency.
The positioning of the people-carrier basket is on the ground and the Floor in non-slip aluminum with side guards in aluminum. The Turret rotation control device is placed to operate over 4 working ranges. Also included are removable outrigger supporting plates, measuring 500x500 mm. The Station on the ground with control panel, seat and protection roof .Tool box under truck boardv and 2 flashing beacons. The Safety devices in compliance with Machine Directive (CE marking) . There is an option of starting and stopping the engine from the basket and the turret. Additionally there is and Intercom “hands free” communication system between the work stations.
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Chassis Suitable as per requirement

Max. Working Height 27 m

Working Outreach 19.7 m

Payload 200 KG

Outriggers Hydraulic, tipping at front and tilting at rear

Controls Electro Hydraulic

Road Safety Fully compliant with road and safety standards

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