Aerial Working Platforms – PNT 205 N
New Truck Mounted Platforms 20 meter PNT 205 N mounted on short wheelbase 3.5 tons chassis and A+A jack outriggers, allowing the new lift to set up easily in confined spaces. Very low and allows to access in places difficult to reach. The sigma style dual provides a perfectly parallel lift. The PNT205 N is a basic version of PNT 205S, with 230kg platform capacity. The PNT205 N will also be mounted on short wheelbase chassis.
Key Features:
Chassis Suitable as per requirement

Max. Working Height 20 m

Working Outreach 6.3 m

Payload 230 KG

Boom Angle -20°/+80

Controls Electro Hydraulic

Road Safety Fully compliant with road and safety standards

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