Aerial Working Platforms – PNT 205 NLX
New Truck Mounted Platforms 20 meter PNT 205 NLX mounted on short wheelbase 3.5 tons chassis and two position beam and jack outriggers, allowing the new lift to set up easily in confined spaces. The sigma style dual riser provides a perfectly parallel lift, up to a working height of 10 meters, with at least 8 meters of clearance under the horizontal boom. PNT205LNX is a deluxe version of PNT 205S, with 230kg platform capacity, end mounted platform (rather than pedestal mounting) and variable position outriggers. The PNT205 LNX will also be mounted on short wheelbase chassis.
Key Features: Download Brochure
Chassis Suitable as per requirement

Max. Working Height 20.1

Working Outreach 9.5 m

Payload 220 KG

Outriggers Hydraulic, tipping at front and tilting at rear

Controls Electro Hydraulic

Road Safety Fully compliant with road and safety standards

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