Johnston’s VT551 is the latest evolution of the Johnston 7.5T mid-sized Sweeper. Designed specifically for the heavy duty urban environment, theVT551 is built on a smaller slim line chassis with narrower overall width and length than a conventional truck chassis, resulting in a sweeper that provides the outstanding maneuverability of a compact sweeper combined with Truck-sized payload. With experience covering more than 50 years designing vacuum sweepers, the VT551 is an innovative transformation within the Johnston truck mounted range. The VT551 design concept has been customer driven, giving an urban sweeper, which retains the low cost of ownership, high productivity, ease of use and excellent operator environment vital for this working environment.
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Fuel tank 100 liters

Water tank 825 liters

Hopper voided volume 5.25 m3 nominal

Payload capacity 2250 Kg*

Dump height 950mm nominal

Filter mesh area 1.00 mÇ

Dust spray water pressure 3.5 bar

Hydraulic suction filtration 125 micron

Hydraulic return filtration 25 micron

Channel Brush Ø 500mm

Nozzle trunking Ø 250mm

Nozzle width 750mmvoided volume

Road Safety Fully compliant with European road and safety standards

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