Container Loading Systems - CDK
The CLT system is currently in service in more than 15 countries, and customers include Military Agencies in the USA, Denmark , Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, China, Finland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Spain. The 25-ton capacity CLT system is NATO codified (NSN 3950-22-121-7471) and is available as a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) item.
Key Features:
Weight (Empty) 6,150 pounds (Standard)

" " 7,300 pounds (with Side Lift Kit)

Lift Capacity (Container Weight) 20,000 pounds

Transport Capacity (Container Weight) 20,000 pounds @ 50 mph

" " " " 15,000 pounds @ 55 mph

Maximum Lift Height 50 inches standard

" " " 62 inches with side lift kit

Length (With 20 Ft. Container) 36 feet

Width 96 inches

Height Adjustable

Engine Diesel, 6.2 hp

Tires (Standard) 12R / 22.5

Brakes Full Air (from tow vehicle)

Tow Bar NATO Lunette

Suspension Air Spring

Patents 5,006,031

Road Safety Fully compliant with American road and safety standards

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