Heavy Ground Mobility System - MLC 70
HGMS is a military specification system that facilitates the launch and recovery of a temporary roadway. A standard HGMS provides one 50m length as standard, with the option of further 50m lengths to be carried by trailer. HGMS is suitable for very heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles, including tanks and bridge transporters. HGMS provides access for these vehicles into areas where there are no roads, or roads have been damaged. HGMS enables boggy or marshy terrain to become accessible to large, heavy vehicles. HGMS can be deployed very quickly and efficiently. A trained two-man team can deploy 50m of roadway in less than 10 minutes over the toughest of terrain. The aluminium TRACKWAY will withstand repeated loads of up to 70 tonnes (rated to MLC 70).
HGMS features a unique 'spool to spool' transfer system that allows multiple 50m lengths of roadway to be laid quickly and easily. HGMS can be easily mounted to chassis with a PLS/DROPS hook lift system. HGMS is best suited to adverse terrain conditions, including snow, marsh, mud and sand in a variety of climates. HGMS also provides rapid access to bridgeheads. HGMS is in use worldwide in a variety of military engineering applications, including humanitarian and disaster relief. HGMS is also suitable for civilian applications, including oil and gas pipeline access, construction projects and temporary bridging.
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Single full panel Single half panel Complete roadway (50m)

Width 4,572mm (15ft) 2,286mm(7ft 6in) 4,572mm (15ft)

Length 228mm (9in) overall 212mm (81⁄4in) effective 228mm (9in) overall 212mm (81⁄4in) effective 54.72m (179ft 6in) overall 50m (164ft) effective

Height 31mm (11⁄4in) 31mm (11⁄4in) 31mm (11⁄4in)

Area 1.042m2 (11.25ft2) 0.521m2 (5.5ft2) 228.5m2 (2,459.5ft2)

Weight 33.11kg (73lbs) 16.6kg (361⁄2lbs) 7,946kg (17,482lbs)163kg per linear metre (110lbs per linear ft) 34.2kg per m2 (7lbs per ft2)

Panels 231 full length panels per 50m 18 half length panels per 50m 240 rows of panels 498 locking bolt assemblies

Finish Powder coated or anodised to eliminate glare from reflective surface Powder coated or anodised to eliminate glare from reflective surface Powder coated or anodised to eliminate glare from reflective surface

Composition Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy

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