Aerial Working Platforms – PNT 15.9
Equipped withblocking valves on all hydraulic units and Interlocking safety device between outriggers and boom. There is a Manual pump for maneuvering in the case of emergency. The Containment of the turret structure within the shape of the vehicle.The Positioning of the people-carrier basket is on the ground and Floor in non-slip aluminum. The Toolbox under truck board along with 1 magnetic orange beacon The Motor start and stop may be controlled from the cage and from the truck - The Safety devices are in compliance with Machine Directive (CE marking).
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Chassis Suitable as per requirement

Max. Working Height 14.85 m

Working Outreach 9.3 m

Payload 200 KG

Outriggers Hydraulic, tipping at front and tilting at rear

Controls Electro Hydraulic

Road Safety Fully compliant with road and safety standards

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