Fuel / Water BowZers
We understand that varied operations call for various products, and that’s why we have established a range that can best suit the clients requirements. Our water and fuel bowzers are equipped with the best pumps to deliver the optimum results. These can be developed on any suitable chassis as per the client's requirements
Key Features:
Chassis As per user requirement

Capacity 2.5 KL 5 KL 8 KL 10 KL 15 KL 18 KL

Pump FF range pumps from 400 LPM

Hoses FF range hoses from 2.5 to 3 inch diameter

Piping & Valves 3 inch piping structure with separate suction and dispensing valves.

Shape Elliptical Double “D”

Road Safety Fully compliant with road and safety standards

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