Air Craft Refueler / De-fueler
This vehicle has been produced under transfer of technology from GS- Global (Korea). Allowing PVE to be its proud pioneers in Pakistan. The refueler features a 5,000 US gallons Aluminum tank, a complete filtration module and options for fueling and de-fueling.
Key Features:
Chassis As per user requirements and payload configuration

Tank 5,000 USG – Aluminum tank

Design Unit complies with NFPA 407 and 385

Nozzles Includes over wing and under wing Nozzles

Control Panel Includes all fueling / defueling operation indications and instrumentation of pump and prime mover

Fueling Module Placement Rear Arrangement

Transportation Transportable in C-130

Road Safety Fully Compliant with Road Safety standards

Designed & Developed by: