Medium Recovery Vehicle – M 120
Often mounted on 6x6 trucks, these vehicles are capable of recovering vehicles or pallets weighting up to12 tons. MRVs are capable of operating in tough and rigged conditions. The crane is turret mounted which enables the boom to move horizontally up to360° along side its vertical movement.
Key Features:
Chassis As per user Requirement (6x6)

Sub frame Made of high tensile steel. It is fixed to the original frame of the chassis according to the specifications of the chassis manufacturer. On the sub-frame all the groups of the equipment are laid

Crane Is Composed of the following Auxiliary Frames, Stabilizers, Crane, Recovery Winches, Hydraulic System, Electrical System, Cabin & Controls, Recovery Fittings & Accessories

Product Performance:

Minimum working radius with horizontal boom 3.55m

Minimum working radius with max. Elevation of the boom 2.50m

Maximum working radius with horizontal boom 6.40m

Maximum working radius with max. Elevation of the boom 4.00m

Maximum height at hook 6.5m

Max lifting capacity 12t

Road Safety Fully Compliant with Road Safety standards

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