Turntable Ladder
For out of reach problems, PVE has partnered with the biggest firefighting equipment manufacturer in the world-Rosenbauer. The aerial ladder consists of up to six sections with a working height of up to 56m and a cage floor height of 54m. Control via a CAN bus, a 3D load measurement system and a fold over cage for three persons are further key ladder design features. The rotating branch pipe at the tip of the ladder is remote controlled and the podium in corporate aluminum/synthetics technology. The equipment range of the L56 also includes a generator, a wind gauge, a Target Control System (TCS) and a Vertical Rescue System (VRS). These features are supplemented by excellent outreach, which means that even wind speed of 5 on the Beaufort Scale hold no terrors for the L56.
Key Features:
Cage Capacity 250 KG (3 Persons)

Ladder Set Very Strong Ladder Set for evacuation of more than 15 Persons at once also has the lifting capacity up to 4000 KG for recovery purpose.

Monitors High pressure bucket mounted

Standards Compliance with NFPA standards

Complete Built up unit imported from Rosenbauer

Road Safety Fully Compliant with European Road Safety standards

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