Domestic Fire Tender- FF Range
As the joys of global urbanization increases pace, the risks of hazards follow. Hence PVE has established the FF range that has the ability of catering to all the growing hazards required for Fire Fighting & Rescue with extended range of Advance equipment. The FF Domestic Fire Tender includes the FF range Fire Pump and Monitor. It also features DCP and CO2 systems as options.
Key Features:
Chassis As per user requirements

Water Tank 5000 liters

Foam Tank 500 Liters

Monitors Roof mounted monitor – FF Range

Fire Pump (Two Stage) Two stage centrifugal Pump up to 2,800 LPM @ 8-10 Bars compliance with NFPA 1901 – FF Range

Road Safety Fully Compliant with Road Safety standards

Fully Compliant with Road Safety standards

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