Tender Fire Crash- FF Range
The FF Tender Fire Crash is the first fully automated fire tender in Pakistan. PVE is the proud Pioneer of this vehicle which is equipped with 4 fire fighting Mediums (Water, Foam, CO2 and DCP), a Multistage fire pump and Two Remote controlled Monitors. This vehicle is being used on various air bases in Pakistan due to its High reliability & atomization.
Key Features:
Chassis As per user requirements

Water Tank 5000 Liters made from Stainless Steel

Foam Tank 500 Liters made from Stainless Steel

Monitors Two Joystick Controlled Monitors mounted on Bumper and Roof (TFT-USA)

Fire Pump (Four Stage)
3,500 LPM @ 10 Bar and 400 LPM @ 40 Bar, (Rosenbauer),
250 Kg
45 Kg x 2

Road Safety Fully Compliant with Road Safety standards

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