Airport Fire Crash - Panther
Well-tuned driving performance like acceleration, cornering and top speed is expected from ARFF vehicles in operation at the airport and off road in order to meet the short response time limit. Such features are incorporated in the PANTHER design and ensure efficient fire fighting and rescue operation to save people’s lives in case of an air crash.
Key Features:
Aviation Standards
  1. World-wide standards as well as airport safety requirements like NFPA, ICAO, FAA and ADV (depending on components selected).
  2. Meets standards and safety requirements necessary to cope with the Airbus A380
  3. Meets standard road regulations in America, Australia and Europe including Euro 3 as well as Japanese standards

Engine output > 1000 HP (depending on model)

Top speed Up to 135 km/h and an acceleration time from 0 – 80 km/h within 25 seconds (depending on the drive line components and extinguishing agents selected)

Fire Fighting Fully independent pump and roll operation even under toughest and stressful operating conditions

Controls Automatic control of main functions and ergonomic design of control instruments to precisely apply the extinguishing agent

Turret High Reach Extendable Turret as an option for fast and efficient extinguishing operation below the wings and from 1m up to 16 m height

Complete Built Up unit Imported from Rosenbauer - Austria

Road Safety Fully compliant with European Road Safety standards

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