Innovative & Technology

The continuous innovative transformation of our production facility through Research and Development has enabled PVE to achieve globally bench marked technological advancement. Subsequently we have managed to develop state of art product line which includes:

Semi K – Loader

This is an adjustable flat bed trailer used by the Pakistan Armed Forces for loading and unloading of cargo from their aircrafts. After consecutive research and development, PVE has produced and delivered numerous units and has also been awarded proprietorship rights for the next five years over this indigenous development.

Tender Fire Crash

Being pioneers in Pakistan, we have developed an innovative joystick controlled firefighting vehicle suitable for runway operations resulting in effective and efficient rescue efforts.

Light Recovery Vehicle

A crane mounted truck, which is capable of recovering a load of up to 7.5 tons. We have manufactured this vehicle’s superstructure with its crane being imported from ISOLI (Italy).

Air Craft Refueler

Being developed for the first time in Pakistan, under a transfer of technology agreement from GS Global (Korea), PVE has successfully developed this vehicle with a capacity of US Gallons 5,000 for the fueling / de-fueling of the C-130 E.
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