Legacy Services

From its founding fathers to the third generation, each brick has been placed with utmost care, emphasizing on the principles of honesty, integrity, professional ethics and good corporate governance.

The organic growth of PVE is powered solely by its passion to serve, excel and succeed, where success is not merely a destination, instead a journey.

At PVE we firmly believe that progress can only be sustained by the continued development of all our stakeholders with the vision of achieving everlasting relationships.

Exactly like its early days, constant focus is levied upon innovation, research and development by our highly skilled management team to provide its clients with improved solutions at each step.

The legacy continues as our efficient quality control and customer support team ensures the accomplishment of our turnkey projects all the way to success.

Culture Services

The PVE culture reflects the ideologies of the Founder of the Yaseen Business Group, Sheikh Muhammad Yaseen(late). Our culture endorses strong ethical values and commitment towards all its stakeholders. The standing pillars of our culture are;

Integrity : Honesty, fairness and transparency in our entire conduct and transaction.
Trust : Faith and Belief in each other.
Care: Being concerned about the well being of all employees and stakeholders.
Collaboration: Excellence through teamwork within employees and partners.
Agility: Speed, responsiveness and proactive attitude, achieved through empowering employees.
Respect: Treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity.
Excellence: Better Standards continuously with passion and pride.

Leadership Services

At Pakistan Vehicle Engineering, its not just about getting results, instead its all about doing the right thing and ensuring that the results automatically follow. We strongly believe that leaders may be born but the best leaders are developed, and every individual has the power to lead one person that is “themselves”.

Considering each of our employees to be our brand ambassadors, they are nurtured to make their decisions, carefully considering ethical behavior, equal opportunity and last but not the least doing “the right thing”.

Leadership as we believe evolves in two directions. Either from the Bottom up, as shifting social and economic realities weaves their way into the fabric of an organization, or Top Down as the team leaders recognize the inevitable changes taking place in the world and shape them to serve the best interests of the organization and everybody who is part of it.

Hence we ensure the acceleration and promotion of the latter type – the type that drives the company to create its own destiny, ensuring that it will sustainably thrive to face the new and evolving challenges.

Customized Solution

At PVE, we understand the importance of our client’s operations; the broad spectrum of each operation in different situations is taken into account by our highly developed R&D department following strict safety standards.

Hence allowing us to provide customized vehicles for a wide range of industries. From operational issues in an Oil refinery to a Rescue effort in an emergency fire situation,  our engineers are always enthusiastic and have the capabilities to develop the right vehicle for any specific operation.

We understand that in today’s dynamic environment, requirements of organizations are changing faster than ever. Hence we develop our vehicles on a turnkey basis, evaluating the operations that are expected and manufacturing a product that best suits those expectations in compliance with PVE standards. However this does not stop here, our efficient quality control team is always monitoring the progress ensuring there are no performance flaws. Upon completion, we furnish our clients with the complete user manuals and necessary trainings allowing them to understand the product in its entirety.

“It is your Operation with our Co – Operation”